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R5.5->R6 upgrade, error while attempting to restore db
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Author:  joejoethedogfaceboy [ Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:15 pm ]
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I wasn't as knowledgeable as no2u with assembly and/or debug.exe so i've been searching for an alternative fix and finally found it!

I, too, had an hda4 (myth) partition from an earlier install. While booted from a LiveCD, I launched gparted and deleted the hda3 partition and then *moved* the hda4 to the "left" so that it took over the same space as the hda3. (Make sure you uncheck "round to full cylinder" or you may end up with a small slice before the moved partition.) After that, you should have some free space after the "moved" hda4 partition; make a new partition here.

Assuming you've already set your fstab to UUIDs, reboot back into Myth and launch fdisk. (I couldn't run fdisk on that drive from the LiveCD for some reason.) When you "p" print the partition table, it should complain that the partitions are out of order. choose "x" for the advanced functions, and then "f" to fix the partition order. Select "w" to write the changes, and then reboot. The former hda4 should now show up as hda3! Good luck!

**WARNING: moving a partition with gparted may result in data loss. Make sure you have a backup before attempting!**

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