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PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:38 am 
Joined: Fri Oct 13, 2006 3:50 pm
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Location: New Jersey, USA
This hasn't gone at all well. I've been using Knoppmyth for several
years, have upgraded multiple times, was running 5.5. I cloned my
5.5 disk (so I could revert should 6.0 break) and ran install/upgrade
on the 5.5 (clone) disk.

The first major problem is that my eth0 no longer works. Since LinHES
changed from knoppix/debian layout to "arch linux" (whatever that is),
all my knowledge on what files control networking is obsolete. I find
that there are networking files all over the place. I fiddled with
the files in (I think) /etc/net/ifaces as best I could, fiddled with /etc/rc.conf, but cannot get eth0 to come up.

I have a block of 16 static IPs from my ISP (my employer) so I don't

Can anybody tell me the MINIMUM number of files (and their locations)
that I need to edit to get eth0 to come up? (I figured out that I have to
run "/etc/rc.d/network restart" to try to get it to come up.)

The second major problem is that once the GUI comes up, the keyboard
stops working. The Hauppauge "blaster" or "silver" remote (look identical
to me) only affects the UI about 5% of the time, so running the UI using
the remote is near impossible.

The third major problem is that, despite the upgrade having theoretically
read in my mythtv backup, all my recordings are "gone" according to
LinHES. The mythconverg database is basically empty -- the canned
stuff is there, but none of my backed-up settings. Is there a way to
recover from this, given that I have my backup mythconverg.sql file?

I'm about to revert to my R5.5 disk and try to find another way to get
an updated mythtv installation, because the new "arch linux" seems like
a disaster, since now I know nothing about how to control the
system. From an upgrade standpoint, I'm extremely disappointed in
the new "LinHES", it's nowhere near as good as the old Knoppmyth,
all of which upgrades went fairly easily.

Bill Dudley


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