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GeForce 8600 GT PCI-Express - Not ready for Knoppmyth yet
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Author:  mediathreat [ Thu May 31, 2007 6:15 pm ]
Post subject:  GeForce 8600 GT PCI-Express - Not ready for Knoppmyth yet

I purchased this card for about $160 in the hopes of having faster 3d rendering in xmame - but it wouldn't work for me under a clean install of R5F1.

It will work with VESA drivers in a limited fashion, but you won't be able to play videos or games or watch TV live with this driver.

It does not work with 9775 revision drivers, and knoppymyth has trouble probing it at all.

I even attempted to use the beta x86 linux drivers which is the only drivers that Nvidia recommends using with the 8600 series which can be found here

I downloaded the kernel sources and tried to recompile the module and the drivers. It will compile, but i couldn't get it to play nicely with X and would get it hanging on a black screen, constantly trying to find a mode that worked. I played with xorg.conf to no avail.

Maybe someone has better luck, but for now, I think you can avoid this card at least still nvidia releases a stable driver that you can work from to make it work with this kernel and X. If someone has a different experience please share it.

Author:  stevetv [ Thu Jul 05, 2007 3:18 am ]
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Have you managed to get this card working?

release notes for 100.14.09 state that support is added for

o GeForce 8600 GTS
o GeForce 8600 GT
o GeForce 8600M GT
o GeForce 8600M GS
o GeForce 8500 GT
o GeForce 8400 GS
o GeForce 8400M GT
o GeForce 8400M GS
o GeForce 8400M G
o GeForce 8300 GS
o Quadro FX 1600M
o Quadro FX 570M
o Quadro FX 360M
o Quadro NVS 320M
o Quadro NVS 140M
o Quadro NVS 135M
o Quadro NVS 130M

Author:  dwaine [ Sun Mar 09, 2008 10:24 am ]
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I have this card and with the new drivers out from NVIDIA, the card working 100%. Works great for HiDef video.


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