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PostPosted: Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:03 pm 
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I am attempting to follow a procedure procedure to configure a Linksys device. The goal is to configure a webserver (in this case mythtv) to serve a text file (spaMAC.txt) to the device.

The instructions specify to put the .txt file here: /var/www/html directory.

I looked for this directory but found only this:

[root@mythtv ~]# cd /var
[root@mythtv var]# ls
cache  empty  games  lib  local  lock  log  mail  opt  run  service  spool  tmp

I believe that intent of the instruction is to upload the .txt file to the webserver's root directory. The location where the content files are kept for http://mythtv./, where mythtv is the hostname.

My Question: what is the path of the webserver's root directory? Thank you.

I tried looking at lighttpd.conf:

## a static document-root, for virtual-hosting take look at the
## server.virtual-* options
server.document-root = "/data/srv/httpd/htdocs"

I copied the text file to /data/srv/httpd/htdocs, but and was able to retrieve it from my web browser at http://mythtv./spaMAC.txt (case sensitive)

I tried a search:

root@mythtv /]# find . -name www
[root@mythtv /]# find . -name html

No Joy.

R7.3: 0.22.20091023-1, Hauppauge PVR-500 (Philips FQ1236A MK4), Gigabyte Gigabyte EG45M-UD2H, E5200 2.4Ghz, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA GEFORCE 256MB


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