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Moving backend & recordings - How?
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Author:  jmhunt [ Mon May 21, 2012 1:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Moving backend & recordings - How?

I am in the early planning stages to build a separate backend to optimize on reduced power consumption and moving the noise elsewhere. How would I migrate the database and recordings to the new backend once I build it? I currently have a combined frontend/backend on one box. I'm going to do a new install on the new box (which I haven't even spec'd out components for yet).


Author:  mattbatt [ Mon May 21, 2012 9:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Moving backend & recordings - How?

mythbackup. is your current box going to be your backend?

Author:  TVBox [ Tue May 22, 2012 5:00 am ]
Post subject:  Moving backend & recordings - How?

This is one mans opinion but I am not a big fan of moving the database and machine setting by using Mythbackup.
1. I always seem to have problems with my old (previous) machine that are moved to my new machine after the transfer. There always seemed to be a Ghost in the system that I can never get out without a clean install.
2. If there has been a major version change like (5.5 to 6) or (6 to 7) the creators are stuck dealing with small incompatibilities that are often turned off so the data will be compatible. These are never major but you will sometime find those new features or setting that everyone else had talked about magically appears after a clean install.
3. I find that the “Previously Recorded” data isn't that valuable because it seems to be purged after some quantity of time (I think it is less than one year). We where a devoted “Lost” viewers and about a year after the finale of the show I decided to look in the “Previously Recorded” menu and all traces of the series was gone and I didn’t delete it. That first week with the new “Previously Recorded” database you have to do some deletion of previous view show but by the end of the month it is back to normal. If you do not delete your show after you watch them and let them drop off the end they don't get tagged as previously watched anyway.
4. I also find that it doesn’t hurt to start over with your “To Be Recorded” schedule. You can go into Mythweb and view that database to see how much crap isn’t necessary any more. A person should clean that up database from time to time anyway as I don't believe it is purged by housekeeping.

Moving your recording is the easy one. Go to
>>Optical Disks>>Archive Files>>Export Video Files>>Create Native Archive>>
now in “Select Your Destination” choose file and pick your location. For storage I have used my NAS, a temporary hard drive or even a USB hard drive they all seem to work equally well. Do not choose make ISO. Now choose the recordings that you want to take with you on the next screen. You can watch the gauge or the right side of the screen to see how much room you got left on that drive. Depending on your equipment and quantity of recordings this could take many hours to transfer. For each recorded program a folder is created with the same name as your recorded file. In that folder your recording is place along with the files that contain database information for that recording. I have moved all my recording in one batch “once” and it worked but if you are a nubi I would experiment a little first. Take one recording move it off your old machine, delete the recording off your old machine and then move it back to the old machine to get the hang of it.

Recovering your recordings to your new machine is just the reverse but more work.
>>Optical Disks>>Archive Files>>Import Video Files>>
Choose your file location. Now look for your first recording folder you want to move back. Enter into the folder and choose the ???.mpg.xml file that you want to replace in your new machine. The
will show from the database information to help you choose. You may need to do some manual bookkeeping here to keep track of what you have already moved.

On the “Select Associated Channel” page you will need to match your old database information with the new machine. If your channel number on the new machine exactly matches the old machine you will have to do little choosing but if the “Local Channel” information is empty you will have to click on the squares to add data from a menu to match what is on the new machine. Moving each file can take some time because it it one at a time. Some one on this list may have created a script to automate the reinstall but I am unsure if it was completed or not. Without to much thought you can whittle
down the quantity of programs that you have to move. I have moved my tuners to the new machine and run the back-ends parallel for a few days to reduce the numbers of recordings to be moved. I would move about five recordings up to the NAS and then bring them back to the new machine. I think the most I have ever moved has been about twenty something when i did it that way


Author:  mattbatt [ Tue May 22, 2012 11:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Moving backend & recordings - How?

Thanks TVbox I've only ever just had one machine at a time

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