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how do i run mythfilldatabase?
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Author:  arjay [ Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:24 am ]
Post subject:  how do i run mythfilldatabase?

I have installed Linhes 7.4 as only o/s. I have a haup 150 pvr card and nvidia FX5200 card. I have run the backend setup (done this before with mythbuntu several times so reasonably OK there). However, I can't for the life of me find how to open a terminal and run stuff. I need to run mythfilldatabase, upgrade the drivers for the card (using "forced" vesa install as it was the only one that would work and some other stuff).

Feel a bit stupid - doesn't seem to be any desktop to speak of, no menus or anything - where have you good people hidden the terminal :) BTW same goes for xmltv which I need for Sky tv. Need to download, install, modify xmltv etc - where is a file manager?

Regards from a complete LinhHES newbie

Author:  graysky [ Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:35 am ]
Post subject:  Re: how do i run mythfilldatabase?

I think the terminal is activated by ctrl+alt+x if memory serves me... a more flexible solution is to connect over sshd. You posted from another PC I assume. If it is windows download putty (freeware) and connect to your LH box with it. If macosx, open a terminal and type: `ssh mythtv@ip.address.of.lhbox` to connect.

EDIT1: Here is an old link to the file that supplies the shortcuts if it is still in use, viewtopic.php?f=17&t=6864
EDIT2: Here is some info suggesting that F3 might be the key you are looking for: ... w_Managers

Author:  arjay [ Mon Oct 14, 2013 8:47 am ]
Post subject:  Re: how do i run mythfilldatabase?

graysky - thanks for the prompt reply. I actually run different flavours of linux on all my PCs (network of 4 boxes) though I also run win xp in a virtual box to check that websites I design display ok in all the flavours of IE.

I'll give your suggestions a shot when I am next on the other PC.

Thanks again

Author:  TVBox [ Mon Oct 14, 2013 9:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: how do i run mythfilldatabase?

Ctl-Alt -F1 LinHES Screen
Ctl-Alt -F2 goes from graphics to text console 2
Ctl-Alt -F3 goes from graphics to text console 3
Ctl-Alt -F4 MythTV Frontend
Ctl-Alt –F10 goes from graphics to text console 10
Ctl-Alt-Backspace restart the X server (dos not work anymore in R8) (there is a hack to add this just ask)

Alt-Tab ( Swap between windows using)
Alt-x ( Start up an floating X-term window)
Ctl-d logs out as root and closes window
Alt-q or Esc (Exit or Stop a program)
Alt-1 (starts the backend)
Alt-2 (stops the backend)
Alt-3 (Restarts the Backend)
Alt-4 (Exit out of Application) Note: doesn’t work for me
Alt-s (brings up mythtv-setup)
Alt-m (starts the front-end)

Use scroll wheel to move up and down the Xterm screen
Hold Tab down and use arrow keys to move backwards to commands you have already typed in the past

There is no file manager. 10 years ago I thought that was crazy. Today i would not want one. If you have a working LinHES box you will never get a chance to actually sit in front of it without pissing off someone else in the family. Learn to access your machine remotely.

I use Webmin for my file manager and a hundred other things. It is the absolutely the first application that I install to setup everything else. Webmin is the most underutilized tool on this list. Working from your desktop you have your browsers and word processor files at your fingertips to copy and paste. It worked better (copy & paste) before Java took a dump. Setup a word processor file for each major LinHES version and copy only the pertinent information forward for that version. Everything here comes from my files.

pacman –Syu (update package database)
pacman -S webmin (install Webmin)
/opt/webmin/ /etc/webmin root Your_Password_Here (establish password) webmin (install Webmin as a service to start on boot)
rc.d start webmin (start Webmin now)
sv status webmin (Check to see if Webmin running)

login to Webmin at the URL default for Knoppmyth (SSL layer) https://192.168.???.???:10000/
If you turn off your SSL encryption off you will need to use http://192.168.???.???:10000/
user Name : root
Password : Your_Password_Here

In webmin "Custom Commands" setup all of your commonly used commands.
Shutdown:... shutdown -h now
Reboot and run checkdisk:.. shutdown -rF now
Reboot:.. reboot
Space On Hard Drives:.. df –h
Update Program Guide Data Base:.. mythfilldatabase
Temperature Sensors:.. sensors

just a few for starters

Author:  arjay [ Mon Oct 14, 2013 11:16 am ]
Post subject:  Re: how do i run mythfilldatabase?

tvbox - thanks so much for the hotkeys. I'll give it all a try tomorrow.

Not sure that Linhes is going to be for me. Got so used to having my hand held it will take a lot to go back to the command line apart from a few things i use now. I want to use this box for all my other stuff as well - I need a file manager, Firefox, email, and a proper desktop. SSH in from another PC would be a pain as they are miles away from this box on different floors.

I also need a spanish keyboard and even though i chose Spain for my country etc it insists on defaulting to a US k/b. I want to set up a static ip address. I want to install prop. drivers for my card and see if it will accept them (crashed repeatedly on installing - had to use vesa)... I want wireless and ethernet ... I want... want ... No doubt I can relearn comand line entries for ways to set all these up but do I want to I ask myself. I used to use pacman when i had an arch setup years ago - dread going back to that after happily using apt-get (so much more to my liking).

Well - let's see if I can get the time to go back to school :)

Author:  arjay [ Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: how do i run mythfilldatabase?

tvbox - sorry, re-reading my last post it seemed a bit ungrateful.. Didn't mean it to be at all. I note your phrase "if you have a working LinHES box". If i hade one I'd probably give up on the need for things like file managers etc :)

Anyway I am ploughing on with an install using the info you supplied. Bit stuck at the moment as it sems there is no gui facility to change the keyboard. I did find one page to show country and preferred language. Completed that but don't see any differences. I'll do it via the command line when i can find the right commands. Same goes for xmltv which doesn't appear to be installed by default? Once I have those two sorted I should make more progress....

Author:  arjay [ Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: how do i run mythfilldatabase?

OK - making progress. Now have a spanish K/B. Also got xmltv setup with the UK grabber. Grabbed 10 channels, manually updated their channel numbers all using a terminal as the grab didn't seem to work through setup. Then ran mythfilldatabase - didn't realise it should be run as root.

Now have a picture of sorts and sound. Picture is very jerky as i am using vesa as the driver (install crashed when it installed the 173 series for my nvidia FX 5200 card). I know the card is a bit old but it has no fan so runs nice and quiet.

I now just have to find how to update the drivers via a command line and see if i can get a better picture.

Thanks tvbox fo getting me going with the command line commands.


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