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File system for new HDD?
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Author:  shade4 [ Mon Apr 26, 2010 11:37 am ]
Post subject:  File system for new HDD?

I'm a bit out of the loop due to my trusty old R5.5 system working well for ages.

My existing 990Gb VG (/myth/tv & /myth/video) is nearly full so it's going to be replaced with a single 2Tb drive which will hold TV, videos, music, photos, etc (/myth).

What file system should I use on the new drive?

Simple question but I appreciate any answers.


Author:  paulsid [ Mon Apr 26, 2010 12:47 pm ]
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No complaints here with JFS on my 1.5TB or 500GB drives. Playback of SD and HD TV is good, and 30GB HD recording files get deleted without even a hiccup. In fact just the other day I dumped a bunch of old HD sports recordings through mythfrontend to make room for some new stuff and it was only afterwards when checking the free space that I realised "holy crap I just blew out 500GB of files in less than a minute". (Slow delete is turned off.)

I think most people run XFS. I remember there was a specific reason why I chose JFS over XFS but can't think of what is was now, and I'm sure it was pretty marginal anyway. Heck, maybe it was just the lingering IBM loyalist in me from the days when I used to run OS/2. :)

Author:  graysky [ Mon Apr 26, 2010 2:18 pm ]
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Ext4 is pretty nice and quite mature.

Author:  Liv2Cod [ Tue Apr 27, 2010 2:36 am ]
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The one thing I really like about XFS is the time to delete a big recording. I only watch HD shows, so my recordings get pretty large. With XFS the system is immediately responsive after I delete a recording. With ext3 it took long enough to delete a recording that it could glitch any other ongoing recording because the disk was starved!

I'm curious about how ext4 handles deletes of really large files. I'd be interested in using it over XFS because of XFS's lack of automatic fsck. It basically never checks the volume information unless you request it manually. It's also prone to fragmenting and needs defragging from time to time.

Author:  nharris [ Tue Apr 27, 2010 6:33 am ]
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I'm currently using EXT4. I used to use XFS.

Author:  alien [ Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:00 am ]
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I've been using EXT4 now for some time. I haven't noticed any issues deleting big HD recordings.

A single 2T drive might be painful if it dies. I have two 500G drives. Music and Gallery are rsynced between them as they would be hard to recover. TV and Video are shared across the two in a storage group as I wouldn't be too upset if I lost them.

Author:  shade4 [ Thu Apr 29, 2010 11:29 am ]
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Thanks everyone.

Alien - yes that's a good point about having all of my eggs in the 2Tb basket. I'm hoping to get better cooling by replacing three drives with one (at present I have to point a desk fan at the box during the warmer months as my apartment doesn't have A/C).

Author:  mattbatt [ Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:17 pm ]
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why not buy a better case while you are buying a new HD?

Author:  shade4 [ Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:58 am ]
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You know, as obvious as that sounds it hadn't even occurred to me! Nice one.

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