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Cross Platform Video Streaming?
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Author:  opel70 [ Mon Oct 30, 2017 9:29 am ]
Post subject:  Cross Platform Video Streaming?

I am looking for some method to get video streaming accessible on my server. I am currently running the AirVideo HD ( server on my LinHES server at home and pointing it to my Video and Recordings directories. This allows me to access my saved videos and TV shows while away from home using the AirVideo app on my various iOS devices and also makes it easier to access my videos on my Apple TV with the AirVideo app on that. I have also let my extended family know about the server and they have accessed it using their iOS devices.

Lately, a few people have moved away from iPhones to some version of an Android phone. With that I am thinking about switching my streaming platform to make it more accessible. I have looked at Plex and Emby, but they both seem to be bigger than I am really looking for. I like that they both have apps for multiple platforms, but I figured I would check here:
What are other people using to make their movie library accessible via the Internet? I am looking for something lightweight that can run on my LinHES server, and something with cross platform support. Is this something that anybody here is doing?

Thanks for any insight anyone can give.

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