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Lag with new hard drive
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Author:  nbdwt73 [ Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:19 am ]
Post subject:  Lag with new hard drive

I have a server running latest version with 4 drives, 3 1T and 1 750GB. I use the 1T drives for data (video, TV, Pictures, etc). I have a TV storage group that shares 2 of the 1T drives ( all of SDC and part of SDB). Here is my problem... I have an extra 2T drive and decided to replace SDC (oldest of my drives). Simply copied data, changed fstab and rebooted... When I did that I began to see lag on one of my frontends (have 3) whenever another was in use. This has never happened. I could always have all frontends running AND system recording at the same time... I switched back to the old 1T drive and problems went away.

So... what I want to know - is there a possible issue with storage groups? Perhaps trying to re-balance across SDB/SDC (I am stretching here... Have no other clue). Logs do show video buffer lag times with the 2T installed...

I have tested the drive - it says all is fine. Read/write speeds test fine. It is a Seagate 2T (same specs as the 1T)... Any speculation?

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