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PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 1:33 pm 
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So, last night I finally got TV to display on the PC monitor. Not sure which of the odd changes I did that made it work - if it indeed was anything at all that I did. It usually takes a long time to decide to display after changing channels, and its a bit grainy/watery, but not unexpected I guess from a recoded RF channel onto a PC screen. HOWEVER, I still am unable to get video to display on the TV thru the video out or the S-VIDEO out. All the TV displays is a black screen with a bit of video (and audio) hum. I see no place to select or control the video out of the Hauppage PVR-350. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Well, I'm finally back to my attempt at setting up Knoppmyth and find its now LinHES. Ok. I don't care. I actually had a functional version of 5.5 and was about to hook it to my TV when the power supply died. Months later... I finally found a power supply and the thing booted up. But the PC screen froze at the end of bootup. After giving up on that install and trying to start over with LinHES 6.03, I realized the old install (5.5) wasn't actually freezing, but switching the display to the TV. DOH!! I nuked the thing for nothing! (DUFUS!!)
SO, I've tried several times to install 6.03 and gotten as far as snow displaying on my PC screen. It seems apparent that the Hauppage 350 isn't finding the channels when I do a scan. Maybe 2 or 3 odd ones are found during the scan, but nothing real.
I have a couple of questions about this install. (since I can't find any good, step-by-step install instructions):
1. Do I need to rename the IP address(es) from to something on my router? This is a standalone system front- & back-end in the same box. I have been changing to a 192.168.... IP on my router, but the router uses dynamic assignment, so this could be wrong. I do get the channel lineup returned during a fetch so the system is working on the network.
2. Am I missing something with the Hauppage 350? I'm allowing an auto install, but then when I go into the setups, I'm never sure exactly what to call the thing. (or most of the other settings, for that matter - if they need to be changed) I've been using IVTV and MPeg and assigning Tuner1 (the only tuner card in the box) I'm selecting Analog Cable, which is the only logical choice since I don't have an antenna, but I'm not sure if my cable system is standard, HRC or IRC. For the record, I do know the difference (I'm a cable engineer, among other things) but I don't know what's being supplied. It is Comcast in New Hampshire (03053). I've tried setting standard and HRC (IRC is extremely rare) and during a scan setting "TRY ALL". No joy.
The best I've gotten with the thing is having the program schedule on the screen and the window (or full screen, if selected) displaying snow. Doesn't matter what show or channel I scroll down to and select, all I get is snow. As if the cable wasn't even connected.
Any ideas? I know extremely little about Linux. I've been in electronics and computer service since 1980, and know DOS (and windblows and MAC...) and have played some with Unix, but never had a need to do Linux.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:52 pm 
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I don't know much about the pvr 350 but has your cable company done the digital switch recently. I know Comcast and a few other companies are killing all of their analog cable channels and going all digital. If you aren't sure try plugging in your TV or VCR to cable without the box and see what it finds?

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