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Fresh Install to md RAID 1
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Author:  XrXca [ Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Fresh Install to md RAID 1

I've been running MythTV for years (0.12, 0.16, 0.24.1), the latest has been running on Mythbuntu since '11 and has been stable with next to no issues, however I'm at the point where I'd like to use some of the newer/fixed features and since Mythbuntu is now defunct thought I'd give this distribution a look, I like what I see so far, and the small footprint.

My issue is that I won't install a server system without RAID1 on the OS drive, and see no way to do that from the base install. I'm comfortable with the md tools and have converted numerous systems from single drive to RAID 1 without an issue, but in my testing (on a virtual server) it seems to insist on using GPT partitions which for some reason if I duplicate to the 2nd drive and change the type to 29 (Linux RAID) do not get recognized on boot (most likely a question for the ArchLinux forums).

If I get a clean basic ArchLinux install up and running using RAID 1 will an install of LinHES over that system honour the existing RAID partitions or am I really going to have to do the conversion after the fact, and if so does anyone have any tips.

Author:  brfransen [ Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fresh Install to md RAID 1

The installer has no support for RAID.

I would think you would need to modify the grub config to fix the boot issue.

While LinHES is based on Arch they are NOT interchangeable. We have a specific partition scheme the system expects and if the installer doesn't detect that it will bail on an upgrade. The full install always formats the install drive.

Author:  XrXca [ Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fresh Install to md RAID 1

Thanks, I've managed to get it up and running, duplicating the layout on a second drive setting up raid, copying the data over then changing the partition types on the first drive and adding them to the arrays. I'm currently running stability testing and testing a frontend box, as well as looking at what it's going to take to port over various custom scripts I've developed over the years and my customization's to the theme's, listing and metadata retrievals, and seeing how well it plays with my recorders and NFS shared media.

I started with Convert_a_single_drive_system_to_RAID in the ArchLinux wiki, but had to use mdadm instead of mdadm_udev in mkinitcpio.conf before rebuilding the initramfs. Then reinstalled grub to both drives. Very little of that wiki page was 100% accurate, but it does give the basic steps, I just had to go elsewhere or use my own knowledge to get the right commands. ArchLinux / LinHES is just different enough from what I'm used to to cause headaches. When I'm happy with things and am ready go to a physical server, I'll keep track of all the steps to document here. (there were a few try/fail/try something else during this setup).

Author:  thekingofspain [ Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fresh Install to md RAID 1

I have have been using LinHES with a raid for a while now. My raids are used only for storage of recordings & backups. All the other drivers and partitions run the current LinHES image as is. The integrations point is just adding the mdadm.conf file, adding the raids to the fstab, and finally exposing MythTv to the raids via the MythTv Server Folders (recordings only). I just lost the LineHES drive this weekend, and for $40 got a 1TB drive and with a couple of hours had myth synced and running. I did have about 1/2 day of recordings that do not existing in the database due to the time of the failure and the last backup. What I did lose was any customization of the os (X config, runit.config, etc). The only thing that really screws me up consistently for some reason is myth Themes. This time the issue was some directories and sym link were had the wrong owner and group.

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