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PostPosted: Tue Dec 07, 2010 1:38 pm 
Joined: Fri Nov 04, 2005 7:11 am
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Vizio packages a universal remote with their XVT LCD VIA TVs that can be configured to control a mythtv box by infrared.

Requirements: IR Receiver on mythbox - I have an mceusb remote/receiver

On the television:
1. VIA>HDTVSettings>TV Settings>Input Source:Mythtv>Device Setup
Select DVR, Media Center PC

2. VIA>HDTV Settings>TV Settings>Input Source:Mythtv>Audio>Audio Control
Select External

3. VIA>HDTV Settings>TV Settings>Input Source:Mythtv>Audio>Advanced Audio>Device Setup
Select Receiver, Logitech

On the computer:
1. Edit your /etc/lircd.conf to contain the following two lines

include "/usr/MythVantage/templates/remotes/mceusb/lircd.conf.mceusb"
include "/usr/MythVantage/templates/remotes/Logitech/lircd.conf.logitech-receiver"

2. Save the following lircd.conf file to /usr/MythVantage/templates/remotes/Logitech/lircd.conf.logitech-receiver

# this config file was adapted from the configuration for a logitech z5500 remote
# contributed by rsay
# brand: Logitech
# model no. of remote control: Vizio XVT Remote set to Audio Receiver Logitech
# devices being controlled by this remote: Logitech Digital speaker system

begin remote

  name  logitech_receiver
  bits           16
  eps            30
  aeps          100

  header       9002  4535
  one           566  1689
  zero          566   561
  ptrail        559
  repeat       9002  2279
  pre_data_bits   16
  pre_data       0x10EF
  gap          108301
  toggle_bit      0

      begin codes
          VolumeUp                 0x58A7
          VolumeDown               0x708F
          Mute                     0x6897
      end codes

end remote

3. Add/change the following line in your /etc/lircrc
include "/usr/MythVantage/templates/remotes/mceusb/lircrc-mceusb"

4. restart lircd
/etc/rc.d/lircd restart

5. Exit the frontend and restart the frontend

The only downside is that the cool slideout keyboard doesn't work. I tried several profiles on the tv, but I couldn't get any of them to send out IR codes from the keyboard. Ill edit the post if I find a better way to access all the keys.

Edit: I spoke with Vizio technical support and they said that the keyboard does not have IR capability, it only works via RF.

BE: R8.4, HVR2250, MCE media center remote, GigaByte GA-EP43-UD3L, 2gb ram

FE: Linhes 8.4, Mythbuntu, Linux Mint DE


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