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PostPosted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 12:00 am 
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I have been using MythTV for about 6 years now. I have recorded 552 shows and 11306 episodes. In that time I have come up with some tips on how to avoid show conflicts and only spend hard drive space recording the shows I want to watch.
I am NOT the MythTV expert these are just some tips I'd like to share and I hope that others could share their tips.
1. Prioritize: This is the most important tool in MythTV. If there is a conflict MythTV will record the higher priority show. You change this in Manage Recordings > Set Priorities >Select a show >Schedule Options > change Normal recording priority to raise or lower by the number you choose.
2. If your system is recording Analog Cable and HD sometimes the same show will occur on both. While you are in the Priorities menu you can specify which input you would prefer. You can also go into Manage Recordings > Set Priorities >Select a show >Schedule Options >Schedule Filters and select High Definition. I went one step further and deleted all of the crossover channels from the analog side since I will never want to record the SD version of the same show.
3. I have three input sources Analog Cable, QAM, and Antenna; my local channels show up on all three. This isn’t a problem for specific recordings like “CSI-The Dog Days of Summer” MythTV knows to only record one of those. When I ask it to record the evening news it wants to record on all 3 at the same time. This happens because it is not a specific episode it’s just a generic episode title. This can be solved with
Manage Recordings >Set Priorities >Select show > select Record one showing of this title every day instead of Record anytime on any channel.
4. When a show is in re-runs some TV stations don’t bother listing episode titles and descriptions they just have a generic show title. If you have set “record anytime on any channel” MythTV will record every one of those CSI episodes that you have already seen twice. You can fix this by selecting
Manage Recordings > Set Priorities >Select a show >Schedule Options >Schedule Filters > “Identifiable episode”
5. Let’s stick with CSI for a second for another scenario. New episodes show on CBS re-runs show on USA, you want the new episodes to be rated high but the re-runs to be rated low. Set two record rules
a. Record any time on any channel priority of -2
b. Record anytime on this channel priority of +2
This will allow the new episodes to take priority over Family Guy but the re-runs won’t.
6. My Daughter loves Sesame Street it is on every day of the week it takes up 4.5 GB per episode this can fill a hard drive fast. I have MythTV set to record a maximum of 6 episodes then delete the oldest when it goes over 6 episodes. This keeps the lineup fresh for my daughter and my hard drive less full. To set this go to
Manage Recordings > Set Priorities >Select a show >Storage Options > 5th option down Keep at most 6 episodes then 6th option down Delete oldest if this would exceed the max episodes
You can also tell MythTV to “Don’t record if this would exceed the max episodes”
7. Try to find recording conflicts early by checking the Manage Recordings >Upcoming Recordings. Often times you will see conflicts that are easily resolved by with a little intervention. You can select Don’t Record which wont record that episode at that time but will record it eventually or Never Record which will never record that episode ever.
8. Most of these settings can be accessed from MythWeb on any computer on your network. Most of the time it’s easier but the same rules apply.
9. Make sure you can access your MythTV drives via Samba on the network. This makes it easy to drag video files on and off of MythTV
10. Some shows like the “Daily Show with Jon Stewart” run a little over. You can catch your “Moment of Zen” by going to Manage Recordings > Set Priorities >Select a show >Schedule Options > Select End recording # minute late instead of End recording on time

Those are 10 of my tips. I hope someone will find them useful


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