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 Post subject: Log file location
PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:09 pm 
Joined: Wed Mar 03, 2004 7:43 pm
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Back in the good old days (of KnoppMyth), useful log files used to be stored in /var/log. e.g. /var/log/mythbackend.log

LinHES stored them under a directory of today's date. Which is neater than several days worth of files in /var/log, but harder to access for old-timers like me (muscle memory, et c.). This helps:
cd /var/log/`date -Idate`

but the filenames still have your server name prepended - too much typing for me. This script, run as a cronjob by root:
# - make symlinks to some of today's LinHES log files:
# % ls -l /var/log/2017-02-04
# mythtv-server_dbus.log            mythtv-server_php.log
# mythtv-server_lighttpd.log        mythtv-server_rsyslogd.log
# mythtv-server_maillog.log         mythtv-server_sshd.log
# mythtv-server_messages.log        mythtv-server_sudo.log
# mythtv-server_mythbackend.log     mythtv-server_su.log
# mythtv-server_mythcommflag.log    mythtv-server_zmaudit.log
# mythtv-server_mythfrontend.log    mythtv-server_zmdc.log
# mythtv-server_myth_mtc.log        mythtv-server_zmupdate.log
# mythtv-server_mythpreviewgen.log

cd /var/log/mythtv

for i in  mythbackend.log  mythcommflag.log  mythfrontend.log  mythpreviewgen.log
   ln -sf ../`date -Idate`/*_$i $i

will make things easier.

| Nigel Pearson,
| Telstra BID, Sydney, Australia
|"Things you own end up owning you" - Tyler, Fight Club


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