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Noting a possible Transport ID issue for Astra 28.2°E
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Author:  bruce_s01 [ Sun Oct 27, 2019 11:00 am ]
Post subject:  Noting a possible Transport ID issue for Astra 28.2°E

When carrying out the upgrade from 7.1 to 8.6.1, I was using a another machine to carry out the upgrade, this had a Hauppauge Nova-S-HD. So when after carrying out the scan, I noticed some channels had problems with the EPG, or seem to disappear when a Transport was rescanned.
Looking closely and comparing with an existing STB, I found this:

            TID      Frequency    Character Rate
From STB    2112        11343      27500
From Scan   2112        11427      29500

From STB    2035        12382      27500
From Scan   2035        12461      29500

The Transport ID (TID) reported by a STB for particular channel matched the one from the scan but there seemed to be a frequency mismatch. I think it may be due to how the other Transport IDs are reported by the satellite to allow a scan to take place.
This may have already disappeared as channels and Transports are moved between transponders.
Deleteing the appropriate muxes and rescanning the correct frequencies led to the correct channels being present. LyngSat is pretty useful.

Bruce S.

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