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PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2006 6:24 am 
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Ok. So here is what happened to me. In my area I receive 5 of the 6 local HDTV broadcasts. In most cases 2 channels of each. My problem was PBS. provides me with 2 channels from PBS. 33_1 and 33_3.

As best I can tell 33_1 must be encrypted, but thats not the stange part of this. According to the program guide. 33_1 actually displays the programming for 33_3. I noticed this because I record Boohbah for my daughter every morning. But up until last night, I was actually recording "BBC World News" according to channel 33_3, but it was really "Boohbah" on 33_1 that I was recording. Wierd stuff, but I found a way to get around it.

The xmltv code listed in the mythweb channel info pages is what I used to solve this. I moved
 33_1 #19610
 33_3 #19610
and moved
33_3 #35511
 33_1 #35511
basically switching them around, now my program guide displays, and records the correct programming for this station.

I have since then removed 33_1 from the lineup. It would be at 92% signal, but never aquire a "lock" but at any rate, the moral of the story is:

"If you are having EPG mixups, change the xmltvid #'s around, run mythfilldatabase, and don't forget to update your recording schedules."

I hope this helps someone. Knoppmyth is the best, and the main reason is it has the best forum, and the easiest/fastest way to install/use your own PVR. Great job.

:D Thanks :D

Knoppmyth R5D1 - Mythtv .20svn-fixes
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