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My mythbackend babysitting script -
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Author:  randomhtpcguy [ Sat Sep 22, 2007 6:57 am ]
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Your script used to help me when my master backend was unstable. Thanks for that. On the newer versions, it is pretty stable without your script.

However, a more common problem I have always had and still have is that my slave backend capture card will be offline (status is "unavailable" rather than "not recording" in the info screen. Sometimes this is because the slave-backend is offline, in which your script should help me. But, more often it is because I restarted the master-backend. I restart the backend quite frequently ( to run mythtv backup which i'd like to do nightly) or just to reset after a bug freezes my system. I have to remember to to restart the slave backend (even though it is already running)

Because the slave-backend has to be restarted (stopped then started) after each master-backend restart, your script wouldn't do this. I guess my question is "would it be possible to add polling of the master backend status to your script, and trigger a restart of the slave backend if the master-backend goes off line and comes back online?" Maybe you've thought of this.


Author:  davej45 [ Sun Sep 23, 2007 11:22 pm ]
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After a week of using R5F27 I've noticed that the MBE still does occasionally go away, causing the FE to stall out when watching recordings.


I've just inserted the appropriate crontab entry to put the babysit script back into action.

It fixed this problem before, no doubt it will fix it again on the new version as well.


Author:  mattshaw [ Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:12 am ]
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Hi there

I am getting some occasions on r5.5 where the backend on my fe/be machine seems to go away, normally sometime after a recording has completed. I was thinking of writing my own script, but this looks fine. I am a bit worried about this script though, as it doesnt seem to check if a recording is in progress. I wouldnt want to ruin any recordings by restarting the backend with this script. Could anyone advise what happens if backend is restarted during a recording ?

I could make mods myself if I am advised that I can do so, but maybe thornsoft wants to do it himself ??

Author:  thornsoft [ Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:38 pm ]
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mattshaw wrote:
am advised that I can do so, but maybe thornsoft wants to do it himself ??

Don't worry about me! Go for it. It's actually advanced quite a bit since I touched it last.

Author:  tjc [ Wed Dec 31, 2008 4:41 pm ]
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mattshaw wrote:
Could anyone advise what happens if backend is restarted during a recording ?

Bad things. To start with the backend is the program that makes recordngs. If you stop or restart it the recording stops. Under certain circumstances it may start up again as a separate recording after the BE restarts, but the result will be two different pieces with a gap. Of course if the BE is so screwed up that it needs to be restarted the recording probably isn't happening anyway.

As for telling if the BE is currently busy, the script works pretty well.

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