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PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2007 12:04 am 
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About a week ago (mid March) my mythtv system (R5E50) suddenly stopped recording and we were unable to get a live tv picture using "Watch TV". The picture would stay black and then return to the main menu in the frontend after about 10 seconds. This system had been working well in R5D1 for several months and for the past two months upon the upgrade to R5E50, then for no apparent reason - no picture. It played back previously recorded programs fine and videos fine.

I trolled this site (and others) for a solution and tried everything I could think of. The wiki about the BlackScreen was helpful, but nothing seemed to remedy the situation. I triple checked cabling, dropped my card in mythtv-setup a dozen times altering the order of mythbackend start/stop/reboot, cleared the mysql database, restored from various backups, etc, etc etc. Finally I concluded that the S-video input of my PVR-350 must be fried, however a second PVR-350 card also did not work to give live tv (again prior recordings played back fine).

Finally I fixed it using the following and I post this to help prevent anyone else from going bald from pulling out their hair as I have done.

I would encourage everyone to FIRST try the fixes suggested in the KnoppmythWiki for the BlackScreen since it is likely your problem is a poorly defined card. However if that fails and you are piping your DirecTV satellite box into the S-video in of your PVR-350 card as I am, and changing channels using the script through USB >>> serial port as I am, this might be your solution.

It appears that DirecTV sent an update to my D11 box that requires that the baud rate be changed to 9600 in the script. Once I modified the baud rate in the script (from 115200), everything went back to normal.

Hope this helps...


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