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Auto CPU Frequency scaling (Powersaved)
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Author:  knappster [ Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:12 pm ]
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marc.aronson wrote:
marc.aronson wrote:
2. 20 watt power savings in my older test system -- P4 2.8ghz system w/ HT enabled.

I just ran a more controlled experiment on that older P4-2.8ghz system. At idle there is no difference in power consumption with "ondemand" vs. "performance". I then created a scenario where the CPU needed to run at 700mhz (The allowable range is 325 to 2800) and saw the following readings:

1. ondemand -- 89 watts

2. performance -- 95 watts.

So the savings was 6 watts. I would be interested in knowing what other's are seeing.

I don't think I have hooked my Killawatt up since 5.5, but I will say that the temperatures have dropped noticeably since using this. In my situation I am a lot more concerned with the temperature than the savings in power consumption. Sorry I'm not being any more useful, but if I get a chance I will hook up the Killawatt and post my results.

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