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PostPosted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 2:41 pm 
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Here are few little mplayer tips I wanted to share. Please feel free to post your own, if they're general enough, I'll add them to the first post.

Table of Contents

1) Enabling the control of contrast/brightness/saturation
2) Force the OSD timer to start when you view a video
3) Recompile mplayer from source
4) Change the seek timer font and size

#1 - Enable the Control of Contrast/Brightness/Saturation

The default keys to control contrast/brightness/saturation are:

1 - Decrease Contrast
2 - Increase Contrast
3 - Decrease Brightness
4 - Increase Brightness
7 - Decrease Color Saturation
8 - Increase Color Saturation

You can adjust them once you start a given video playing. The contrast and brightness can be particularly useful if the video is too dark/bright or if the colors seem to lack that "pop" factor and appear flat.

Some video drivers have this enabled by default, but mine didn't. You'll know right away if you try pressing the above keys as you're watching a video. If you see an OSD appear with a bar graph that moves as you increase/decrease the values, you're fine. If you don't and want to have brightness/contrast/saturation controls available to you when playing a video, you'll need to add the following switch to your:

Video>Player Settings to have a -vf eq2. Here is mine:

Default Video Player: -fs -zoom -vo xv -vf eq2 %s

#2 - Display the OSD Seek Timer by Default

Do the following if you like having the seek time/time remaining displayed by default on file load:

$ nano ~/.mplayer/config

Add the following line and exit saving your changes (ctrl+x then y and enter):


#3 - Recompile mplayer from Source

Read this HOWTO that walks you through the entire process as well as reasons why you might want to do it. I did it because the one that came with R5.5 out-of-the-box experienced playback problems. Retrograding to the latest stable release solved them for me.

#4 Change the Seek Timer Font and Size

Copy a true type font of your choice to your ~/.mplayer dir and rename it subfont.ttf

There are a number of freeware fonts you can use. Have a look at as an example.

Then add the following to your ~/.mplayer/config


autoscale can be 1-4 I believe (1 is smallest)

Retired KM user (R4 - R6.04); friend to LH users.


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