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SATA PATA HDD Migration on R5.5
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Author:  bruce_s01 [ Sat Jul 11, 2009 9:14 am ]
Post subject:  SATA PATA HDD Migration on R5.5

On seeing occasional IDE Sense errors being reported in the various log files and hearing the occasional "Thunk" from the drive when creating DVDs using MythDVD, I was getting worried about my Primary PATA HDD.
Firstly I made sure that the Databases were OK & the backup had taken place from Within KM.
I Then installed the SATA drive which was going to be used for /myth. (I already had a SATA HDD installed that was used for /myth/tv )
So following the instructions in the KM pamphlet I installed using the Manual Install and the KnoppMyth-sata profile, manually setting up the /, swap and myth partitions, on the SATA drive.
Everything went OK, for a change. :)
Then rebooted into KM for the final set up, as in a new install, things continued swimmingly, through the station scan etc, the front end fired up and was able to to do a test record.
I then stopped the frontend, backend and MySQL., then copied the contents of the myth directory (as root) on the PATA drive to the SATA using cp -avx.
After this I shut the machine down, then disconnected the PATA drive.
Booting the machine back up again with the KM R5.5 CD in the drive, again following the instructions in the KM Pamphlet, carrying out a Manual Upgrade. This reinstalled everything into the / partition that should be there and made sure everything that was under /myth was intact, including the backups created by KM.
Before the reboot, I modified the fstab to mount the second SATA HDD under /myth/tv, unfortunately, I did not notice there was an error created by myself, so the drive would not automatically on reboot.
After reboot, following the instructions in the pamphlet, I opened a command prompt, deleting the .configure file and creating the .upgrade file. After restarting X, it then went through the standard upgrade process, much to my relief, but delaying at the "Waiting for schema upgrade to complete............" prompt. After Ctrl-Cing after a delay, the front end started OK.
I noticed after a test record, the error with the mount, so after exiting the frontend, stopping the backend corrected the fstab, then mounted the drive correctly.
The backend and frontend were then restarted, everything appeared to work OK.

Bruce S.

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