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PostPosted: Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:48 pm 
Joined: Wed Jun 06, 2007 3:29 am
Posts: 38
Location: Australia
Have been fiddling around attempting to add my nVidia gpu temperature to the RRD charts provided in R6, and against all seems to work :D


If anyone else is interested, I made a few little mods to and just saved it as

I imagine it should work with any nvidia gpu that displays a temperature in nvidia-settings??

# copyright Martin Pot 2003

use RRDs;

# define location of rrdtool databases

my $rrd = '/var/lib/rrd';
# define location of images
my $img = '/data/srv/httpd/htdocs/rrd';

# process data for each specified HDD (add/delete as required)
&ProcessHDD("gpu", "nVidia 8300 IGP");
#&ProcessHDD("sdb", "slave");
#&ProcessHDD("hdc", "40GB Seagate");
#&ProcessHDD("hdd", "secondary slave");

sub ProcessHDD
# process HDD
# inputs: $_[0]: hdd (ie, hda, etc)
#         $_[1]: hdd description

        # get hdd temp for master drive on secondary IDE channel
        my $temp=`nvidia-settings -c :0 -q gpucoretemp -t`;
        # remove eol chars and white space
        $temp =~ s/[\n ]//g;

        print "$_[1] ($_[0]) temp: $temp degrees C\n";

        # if rrdtool database doesn't exist, create it
        if (! -e "$rrd/$_[0].rrd")
                print "creating rrd database for $_[0]...\n";
                RRDs::create "$rrd/$_[0].rrd",
                        "-s 300",

        # insert value into rrd
        RRDs::update "$rrd/$_[0].rrd",
                "-t", "temp",

        # create graphs
        &CreateGraph($_[0], "day", $_[1]);
        &CreateGraph($_[0], "week", $_[1]);
        &CreateGraph($_[0], "month", $_[1]);
        &CreateGraph($_[0], "year", $_[1]);

sub CreateGraph
# creates graph
# inputs: $_[0]: hdd name (ie, hda, etc)
#         $_[1]: interval (ie, day, week, month, year)
#         $_[2]: hdd description

        RRDs::graph "$img/$_[0]-$_[1].png",
                "-s -1$_[1]",
                "--color", "SHADEA#EAE9EE",
                "--color", "SHADEB#EAE9EE",
                "--color", "BACK#EAE9EE",
                "-t Temperature of $_[2] ($_[0]) - $_[1]",
                "-h", "100", "-w", "600",
                "-a", "PNG",
                "-v degrees C",

                # This CDEF section defines a variable for every 5 degree increment of temperature
                # between 5 and 130 degrees. Undefined/unknown variables are set to zero.

                # This section defines a color gradient for displaying the temperature data

                # Line along the top of the gradient graph
                "LINE2:temp#0000FF:$_[2] ($_[0])",

                "GPRINT:temp:MIN:  Min\\: %2.lf",
                "GPRINT:temp:MAX: Max\\: %2.lf",
                "GPRINT:temp:AVERAGE: Avg\\: %4.1lf",
                "GPRINT:temp:LAST: Current\\: %2.lf degrees C\\n";
        if ($ERROR = RRDs::error) { print "$0: unable to generate $_[0] graph: $ERROR\n"; }

If you follow rsay's instructions (mostly 6. and 7.) here:, it isn't too hard to add.


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:42 pm 
Joined: Fri Nov 04, 2005 7:11 am
Posts: 61

Its working great for me.

BE: R8.4, HVR2250, MCE media center remote, GigaByte GA-EP43-UD3L, 2gb ram

FE: Linhes 8.4, Mythbuntu, Linux Mint DE


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