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One way to get your IRBlaster working with R5B7
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Author:  seant9 [ Sat Apr 08, 2006 5:36 pm ]
Post subject:  One way to get your IRBlaster working with R5B7


I just finished doing fresh install of R5B7. I own and have been using this irblaster: for about a year. I was previously using R5A16 and with the new vesion of Myth out I decided to do a fresh install of R5B7. Previously I used the guide at ... _LIRC.html
to the letter with success. With R5B7 it would not work. After much troubleshooting, here is how to use the guide with R5B7:

When the install script asks if you have an IR Blaster, type N.
After the install script finishes and you have myth set up, hit Ctrl Alt F1 to go to a console.
I did everything as root.
Follow the guide at ... _LIRC.html with the following exception:
download lirc-0.8.0 instead of 0.7.2
The script will run just fine against the newer version. Follow the rest of the guide as-is.
Be sure to use COM2 to reduce the hassle of getting everything going.

On a side note, I'm glad to get to post something helpful as my first post!

Author:  seant9 [ Mon May 22, 2006 2:17 am ]
Post subject: 

This does not work with R5C7, but the good news is that the new script for installing the irblaster included with R5C7 works great! All I had to do was create the script, all the rest was done on install automatically.

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