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 Post subject: Apt-Get Question
PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 12:32 pm 
Joined: Mon Apr 10, 2006 3:48 pm
Posts: 996
Location: Lexington, Ky
I think I just screwed up my apt-get repository. The last time I ran an apt-get update. If finished with and error.

Reading package lists... Done
W: There is no public key available for the following key IDs:
W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems

I did a search on google and found this:
# gpg --recv-keys 4D270D06F42584E6

# gpg --export 4D270D06F42584E6 | apt-key add -

but that didn't fix it so I tried the next suggestion.
# apt-get install debian-keyring debian-archive-keyring
# apt-key update

now it seems to work but returns the following
Ign unstable Release.gpg
Hit unstable Release
Get:1 sid Release.gpg [197B]
Get:2 unstable Release.gpg [197B]
Get:3 stable Release.gpg [386B]
Ign unstable/main Packages/DiffIndex
Get:4 sid Release [13.2kB]
Hit unstable Release
Ign unstable/main Packages
Hit stable Release
Hit unstable/main Packages/DiffIndex
Hit unstable/contrib Packages/DiffIndex
Hit unstable/non-free Packages/DiffIndex
Hit unstable/main Packages
Get:5 sid/main Packages/DiffIndex [2023B]
Ign stable/main Sources/DiffIndex
Get:6 sid/main Sources/DiffIndex [2023B]
Get:7 sid/main 2009-03-28-1735.48.pdiff [31B]
Get:8 sid/main 2009-03-28-1735.48.pdiff [31B]
Get:9 sid/main 2009-03-28-1735.48.pdiff [31B]
Get:10 sid/main 2009-03-28-1803.14.pdiff [339B]
Get:11 sid/main 2009-03-28-1803.14.pdiff [339B]
Get:12 sid/main 2009-03-28-1803.14.pdiff [339B]
Ign stable/contrib Sources/DiffIndex
Ign stable/non-free Sources/DiffIndex
Get:13 sid/main 2009-03-28-1803.14.pdiff [348B]
Get:14 sid/main 2009-03-28-1803.14.pdiff [348B]
Get:15 sid/main 2009-03-28-1803.14.pdiff [348B]
Hit stable/main Sources
Hit stable/contrib Sources
Hit stable/non-free Sources
Fetched 18.2kB in 3s (4639B/s)
Reading package lists... Done

Is this the correct list? and is apt-get looking at the correct repositories?

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 2:44 pm 
Joined: Wed Dec 10, 2003 8:31 pm
Posts: 1996
Location: /dev/null
Post your /etc/apt/sources.list

As I recalled, there is a key for all repos, but perhaps the multimedia repo had a change to theirs?

Retired KM user (R4 - R6.04); friend to LH users.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 3:22 pm 
Joined: Mon Apr 10, 2006 3:48 pm
Posts: 996
Location: Lexington, Ky

Thanks for the reply. here is my /etc/apt/sources.list

tscholl@mythtv:~$ cat /etc/apt/sources.list
#Debian repos
deb unstable main contrib non-free
deb-src stable main contrib non-free

#For libnet-upnp
deb unstable main

#For FreeNX
#deb ./

#For xorg-edit
#deb sid main contrib non-free

#For additional multimedia packages
deb sid main
deb-src sid main
#deb unstable main
#deb-src stable main

Hopefully it will look like yours.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 5:25 pm 
Joined: Wed Dec 10, 2003 8:31 pm
Posts: 1996
Location: /dev/null
That looks right. I just updated my sources on my R5.5 box and got the same error message:
# apt-get update
Ign unstable Release.gpg
Get:1 unstable Release [602B]
Get:2 unstable Release.gpg [197B]
Get:3 stable Release.gpg [386B]
Ign unstable/main Packages/DiffIndex
Get:4 unstable Release [7

Ign unstable/main Packages
Get:5 unstable/main Packages [8151B]
Get:6 sid Release.gpg [197B]
Get:7 sid Release [13.2kB]
Get:8 stable Release [63.2kB]
Get:9 sid/main Packages/DiffIndex [2023B]
Get:10 sid/main Sources/DiffIndex [2023B]
Get:11 sid/main Packages [61.2kB]
Get:12 unstable/main Packages/DiffIndex [2038B]
Get:13 unstable/contrib Packages/DiffIndex [2023B]
Get:14 unstable/non-free Packages/DiffIndex [2023B]
Get:15 sid/main Sources [33.4kB]
Ign stable/main Sources/DiffIndex
Ign stable/contrib Sources/DiffIndex
Ign stable/non-free Sources/DiffIndex
Get:16 unstable/main Packages [5831kB]
Get:17 unstable/contrib Packages [66.7kB]
Get:18 unstable/non-free Packages [112kB]
Get:19 stable/main Sources [2304kB]
Get:20 stable/contrib Sources [39.1kB]
Get:21 stable/non-free Sources [48.7kB]
Fetched 8669kB in 55s (156kB/s)
Reading package lists... Done
W: There is no public key available for the following key IDs:
W: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems

...I wonder if there is any connection to the fact that lenny has gone stable and squeeze is in testing now...?

Retired KM user (R4 - R6.04); friend to LH users.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:15 am 
Joined: Mon Apr 23, 2007 1:45 pm
Posts: 405
Location: Fargo, ND, USA
Are you working with a recent install of 5.5. Over the last month I have installed 3 different downloads of 5.5 on two different machines so many times I can't count and apt-get is one of those things that I have not been able to get to work. I think the problem is with the latest version of R5.5 pre setup patches. In the patches there is a file that installs to /usr/local/bin/ . My systems seem to download a file with apt-get and then attempts to open the gzip file with the bzip2 program thus giving a failure. I have found this gzip/bzip2 problem is occurring other parts of the install process to. One that I can think of right now is pci.ids.bz2 . This one happens to be a bzip2 file but it errors out when it hits that point in the clean auto install. The file is downloaded but the decompression fails.


LinHES R8.6.1

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Mar 29, 2009 4:12 pm 
Joined: Thu Mar 25, 2004 11:00 am
Posts: 9551
Location: Arlington, MA
Well, almost certainly isn't your problem. It's a utility script for manually recompressing backups to a (hopefully) smaller file. It doesn't get used in the install or upgrade and it has a different name from any standard program. As a matter of fact, memory says that the patch version is simply updating the existing one.

The command in that unpacks the downloaded bundle is actually tar xjf R5.5.patches.tar.bz2 which agrees with the file type:

root@black2:~# wget -c
           => `R5.5.patches.tar.bz2'
Connecting to||:21... connected.
Logging in as anonymous ... Logged in!
==> SYST ... done.    ==> PWD ... done.
==> TYPE I ... done.  ==> CWD /R5/R5.5 ... done.
==> SIZE R5.5.patches.tar.bz2 ... done.
==> PASV ... done.    ==> REST 15695 ... done.
==> RETR R5.5.patches.tar.bz2 ... done.
Length: 15,695 (15K), 0 (0) remaining

100%[+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++] 15,695        --.--K/s

16:46:26 (0.00 B/s) - `R5.5.patches.tar.bz2' saved [15695]

root@black2:~# file R5.5.patches.tar.bz2
R5.5.patches.tar.bz2: bzip2 compressed data, block size = 900k
root@black2:~# tar jtvf R5.5.patches.tar.bz2
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo         576 2008-07-27 11:15 usr/local/bin/
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo         431 2008-07-27 11:10 usr/local/bin/checkbackup
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo         434 2008-07-27 11:10 usr/local/bin/checkrestore
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo        9302 2008-07-27 11:01 usr/local/bin/backupcommon
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo        2255 2008-07-27 11:11 usr/local/bin/mythbackup
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo        4791 2008-07-27 11:01 usr/local/bin/
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo        3503 2008-07-06 01:20 usr/local/bin/
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo        3244 2008-07-06 01:20 usr/local/bin/
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo        1096 2008-07-27 11:04 usr/local/bin/
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo        3832 2008-07-06 01:39 usr/local/bin/
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo        1381 2008-07-27 11:14 usr/local/bin/
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo        3304 2008-07-27 11:12 usr/local/bin/mythrestore
-rw-r--r-- igo/igo        5585 2008-09-12 14:22 etc/rrd.config
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo        3244 2008-07-06 01:20 usr/local/bin/
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo        3139 2008-07-06 01:20 usr/local/bin/
-rwxr-xr-x igo/igo       20577 2008-10-11 15:25 usr/local/bin/
-rw-r--r-- igo/igo         107 2008-09-14 15:50 usr/local/share/knoppmyth/nvidia/exceptions.txt

That all looks sane and consistent to me. The file type matches the extension. It's not trying to decompress something with the wrong file type. It's not touching the system gzip/bzip2 install...

Hmmm... Now update-pciids looks interesting, it's DL-ing a new pci.ids file and trying to play compression games with it... And it looks like it gets it wrong in the "no compression" case... OK, try this, your results should match (at least until they update them again):

root@black2:~# rm -f pci.ids
root@black2:~# wget
           => `pci.ids'
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 600,911 (587K) [text/plain]

100%[====================================>] 600,911      432.20K/s

17:12:26 (431.22 KB/s) - `pci.ids' saved [600911/600911]

root@black2:~# rm /usr/share/misc/pci.ids.* /usr/share/hwdata/pci.ids.*
root@black2:~# mv /usr/share/misc/pci.ids /usr/share/misc/pci.ids.old
root@black2:~# mv /usr/share/hwdata/pci.ids /usr/share/hwdata/pci.ids.old
root@black2:~# cp pci.ids /usr/share/misc/pci.ids
root@black2:~# cp pci.ids /usr/share/hwdata/pci.ids
root@black2:~# md5sum $(find / -name 'pci.ids*' -print)
f55252262929d217ad1eb4f11d26c07f  /root/pci.ids
f55252262929d217ad1eb4f11d26c07f  /usr/share/hwdata/pci.ids
2c30c52fec9b748143565485f1110ac6  /usr/share/hwdata/pci.ids.old
f55252262929d217ad1eb4f11d26c07f  /usr/share/misc/pci.ids
2c30c52fec9b748143565485f1110ac6  /usr/share/misc/pci.ids.old

Good luck!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:33 pm 
Joined: Mon Apr 10, 2006 3:48 pm
Posts: 996
Location: Lexington, Ky

Followed your instructions and got the same results that you did.
Then did an apt-get update and it pulled much longer listing.
root@mythtv:~# apt-get update
Get:1 unstable Release.gpg [197B]
Get:2 stable Release.gpg [386B]
Ign unstable Release.gpg
Get:3 unstable Release [77.8kB]
Get:4 unstable Release [602B]
Get:5 sid Release.gpg [197B]
Ign unstable/main Packages/DiffIndex
Get:6 sid Release [13.2kB]
Ign unstable/main Packages
Get:7 unstable/main Packages [8151B]
Hit stable Release
Get:8 sid/main Packages/DiffIndex [2023B]
Get:9 unstable/main Packages/DiffIndex [2038B]
Get:10 unstable/contrib Packages/DiffIndex [2023B]
Get:11 unstable/non-free Packages/DiffIndex [2023B]
Get:12 sid/main Sources/DiffIndex [2023B]
Ign stable/main Sources/DiffIndex
Ign stable/contrib Sources/DiffIndex
Ign stable/non-free Sources/DiffIndex
Get:13 sid/main 2009-03-29-1056.38.pdiff [400B]
Get:14 sid/main 2009-03-29-1056.38.pdiff [400B]
Get:15 sid/main 2009-03-29-1056.38.pdiff [400B]
Get:16 unstable/main 2009-03-28-2103.00.pdiff [31.2kB]
Get:17 sid/main 2009-03-29-1056.38.pdiff [409B]
Get:18 sid/main 2009-03-29-1056.38.pdiff [409B]
Get:19 sid/main 2009-03-29-1056.38.pdiff [409B]
Get:20 sid/main 2009-03-29-1112.54.pdiff [278B]
Get:21 sid/main 2009-03-29-1112.54.pdiff [278B]
Get:22 sid/main 2009-03-29-1112.54.pdiff [278B]
Get:23 sid/main 2009-03-29-1112.54.pdiff [341B]
Get:24 sid/main 2009-03-29-1112.54.pdiff [341B]
Get:25 sid/main 2009-03-29-1112.54.pdiff [341B]
Get:26 sid/main 2009-03-29-1132.48.pdiff [540B]
Get:27 sid/main 2009-03-29-1132.48.pdiff [540B]
Get:28 sid/main 2009-03-29-1132.48.pdiff [540B]
Get:29 unstable/main 2009-03-28-2103.00.pdiff [31.2kB]
Get:30 unstable/contrib 2009-03-28-2103.00.pdiff [1736B]
Get:31 unstable/main 2009-03-28-2103.00.pdiff [31.2kB]
Get:32 unstable/non-free 2009-03-29-0245.59.pdiff [1562B]
Get:33 unstable/contrib 2009-03-28-2103.00.pdiff [1736B]
Get:34 sid/main 2009-03-29-1132.48.pdiff [348B]
Get:35 sid/main 2009-03-29-1132.48.pdiff [348B]
Hit stable/main Sources
Hit stable/contrib Sources
Get:36 unstable/non-free 2009-03-29-0245.59.pdiff [1562B]
Hit stable/non-free Sources
Get:37 sid/main 2009-03-29-1152.00.pdiff [442B]
Get:38 sid/main 2009-03-29-1152.00.pdiff [442B]
Get:39 unstable/contrib 2009-03-28-2103.00.pdiff [1736B]
Get:40 sid/main 2009-03-29-1132.48.pdiff [348B]
Get:41 unstable/non-free 2009-03-29-0245.59.pdiff [1562B]
Get:42 sid/main 2009-03-29-1152.00.pdiff [442B]
Get:43 unstable/main 2009-03-29-0245.59.pdiff [16.8kB]
Get:44 sid/main 2009-03-29-1152.00.pdiff [346B]
Get:45 sid/main 2009-03-29-1152.00.pdiff [346B]
Get:46 sid/main 2009-03-29-1152.00.pdiff [346B]
Get:47 unstable/main 2009-03-29-0245.59.pdiff [16.8kB]
Get:48 unstable/main 2009-03-29-0245.59.pdiff [16.8kB]
Get:49 sid/main 2009-03-29-1301.45.pdiff [31B]
Get:50 sid/main 2009-03-29-1301.45.pdiff [31B]
Get:51 unstable/contrib 2009-03-29-2054.38.pdiff [514B]
Get:52 unstable/contrib 2009-03-29-2054.38.pdiff [514B]
Get:53 unstable/non-free 2009-03-29-2054.38.pdiff [2425B]
Get:54 unstable/non-free 2009-03-29-2054.38.pdiff [2425B]
Get:55 sid/main 2009-03-29-1301.45.pdiff [29B]
Get:56 sid/main 2009-03-29-1301.45.pdiff [29B]
Get:57 sid/main 2009-03-29-1301.45.pdiff [31B]
Get:58 unstable/contrib 2009-03-29-2054.38.pdiff [514B]
Get:59 unstable/non-free 2009-03-29-2054.38.pdiff [2425B]
Get:60 sid/main 2009-03-29-1301.45.pdiff [29B]
Get:61 unstable/main 2009-03-29-0834.48.pdiff [2533B]
Get:62 unstable/main 2009-03-29-0834.48.pdiff [2533B]
Get:63 unstable/main 2009-03-29-0834.48.pdiff [2533B]
Get:64 unstable/non-free 2009-03-30-0238.49.pdiff [347B]
Get:65 unstable/non-free 2009-03-30-0238.49.pdiff [347B]
Get:66 sid/main 2009-03-30-1236.53.pdiff [2410B]
Get:67 sid/main 2009-03-30-1236.53.pdiff [2410B]
Get:68 sid/main 2009-03-30-1236.53.pdiff [772B]
Get:69 sid/main 2009-03-30-1236.53.pdiff [772B]
Get:70 unstable/non-free 2009-03-30-0238.49.pdiff [347B]
Get:71 sid/main 2009-03-30-1236.53.pdiff [2410B]
Get:72 sid/main 2009-03-30-1236.53.pdiff [772B]
Get:73 unstable/main 2009-03-29-1458.52.pdiff [9821B]
Get:74 unstable/main 2009-03-29-1458.52.pdiff [9821B]
Get:75 unstable/main 2009-03-29-1458.52.pdiff [9821B]
Get:76 sid/main 2009-03-30-1420.18.pdiff [1339B]
Get:77 sid/main 2009-03-30-1420.18.pdiff [1339B]
Get:78 unstable/non-free 2009-03-30-1456.55.pdiff [1684B]
Get:79 unstable/non-free 2009-03-30-1456.55.pdiff [1684B]
Get:80 sid/main 2009-03-30-1420.18.pdiff [981B]
Get:81 sid/main 2009-03-30-1420.18.pdiff [981B]
Get:82 sid/main 2009-03-30-1420.18.pdiff [1339B]
Get:83 unstable/non-free 2009-03-30-1456.55.pdiff [1684B]
Get:84 sid/main 2009-03-30-1420.18.pdiff [981B]
Get:85 unstable/main 2009-03-29-2054.38.pdiff [15.5kB]
Get:86 sid/main 2009-03-30-2205.02.pdiff [1641B]
Get:87 sid/main 2009-03-30-2205.02.pdiff [1641B]
Get:88 sid/main 2009-03-30-2205.02.pdiff [1641B]
Get:89 sid/main 2009-03-30-2205.02.pdiff [730B]
Get:90 sid/main 2009-03-30-2205.02.pdiff [730B]
Get:91 sid/main 2009-03-30-2205.02.pdiff [730B]
Get:92 unstable/main 2009-03-29-2054.38.pdiff [15.5kB]
Get:93 unstable/main 2009-03-29-2054.38.pdiff [15.5kB]
Get:94 sid/main 2009-03-30-2307.06.pdiff [65B]
Get:95 sid/main 2009-03-30-2307.06.pdiff [65B]
Get:96 unstable/non-free 2009-03-31-0241.25.pdiff [31B]
Get:97 unstable/non-free 2009-03-31-0241.25.pdiff [31B]
Get:98 sid/main 2009-03-30-2307.06.pdiff [31B]
Get:99 sid/main 2009-03-30-2307.06.pdiff [31B]
Get:100 sid/main 2009-03-30-2307.06.pdiff [65B]
Get:101 unstable/non-free 2009-03-31-0241.25.pdiff [31B]
Get:102 sid/main 2009-03-30-2307.06.pdiff [31B]
Get:103 unstable/main 2009-03-30-0238.49.pdiff [14.3kB]
Get:104 sid/main 2009-03-31-0937.34.pdiff [243B]
Get:105 sid/main 2009-03-31-0937.34.pdiff [243B]
Get:106 sid/main 2009-03-31-0937.34.pdiff [243B]
Get:107 unstable/main 2009-03-30-0238.49.pdiff [14.3kB]
Get:108 unstable/main 2009-03-30-0238.49.pdiff [14.3kB]
Get:109 sid/main 2009-03-31-0937.34.pdiff [216B]
Get:110 sid/main 2009-03-31-0937.34.pdiff [216B]
Get:111 sid/main 2009-03-31-1436.51.pdiff [244B]
Get:112 sid/main 2009-03-31-1436.51.pdiff [244B]
Get:113 sid/main 2009-03-31-0937.34.pdiff [216B]
Get:114 sid/main 2009-03-31-1436.51.pdiff [244B]
Get:115 unstable/main 2009-03-30-0844.23.pdiff [1214B]
Get:116 unstable/main 2009-03-30-0844.23.pdiff [1214B]
Get:117 unstable/main 2009-03-30-0844.23.pdiff [1214B]
Get:118 sid/main 2009-03-31-1436.51.pdiff [215B]
Get:119 sid/main 2009-03-31-1436.51.pdiff [215B]
Get:120 sid/main 2009-03-31-1638.09.pdiff [893B]
Get:121 sid/main 2009-03-31-1638.09.pdiff [893B]
Get:122 sid/main 2009-03-31-1436.51.pdiff [215B]
Get:123 sid/main 2009-03-31-1638.09.pdiff [893B]
Get:124 unstable/main 2009-03-30-1456.55.pdiff [21.4kB]
Get:125 sid/main 2009-03-31-1638.09.pdiff [506B]
Get:126 sid/main 2009-03-31-1638.09.pdiff [506B]
Get:127 sid/main 2009-03-31-1638.09.pdiff [506B]
Get:128 unstable/main 2009-03-30-1456.55.pdiff [21.4kB]
Get:129 unstable/main 2009-03-30-1456.55.pdiff [21.4kB]
Get:130 sid/main 2009-03-31-1746.28.pdiff [1380B]
Get:131 sid/main 2009-03-31-1746.28.pdiff [1380B]
Get:132 sid/main 2009-03-31-1746.28.pdiff [628B]
Get:133 sid/main 2009-03-31-1746.28.pdiff [628B]
Get:134 sid/main 2009-03-31-1746.28.pdiff [1380B]
Get:135 sid/main 2009-03-31-1746.28.pdiff [628B]
Get:136 unstable/main 2009-03-30-2037.35.pdiff [14.1kB]
Get:137 sid/main 2009-03-31-1817.15.pdiff [891B]
Get:138 sid/main 2009-03-31-1817.15.pdiff [891B]
Get:139 sid/main 2009-03-31-1817.15.pdiff [891B]
Get:140 unstable/main 2009-03-30-2037.35.pdiff [14.1kB]
Get:141 unstable/main 2009-03-30-2037.35.pdiff [14.1kB]
Get:142 sid/main 2009-03-31-1817.15.pdiff [605B]
Get:143 sid/main 2009-03-31-1817.15.pdiff [605B]
Get:144 sid/main 2009-03-31-1817.15.pdiff [605B]
Get:145 unstable/main 2009-03-31-0241.25.pdiff [22.5kB]
Get:146 unstable/main 2009-03-31-0241.25.pdiff [22.5kB]
Get:147 unstable/main 2009-03-31-0241.25.pdiff [22.5kB]
Get:148 unstable/main 2009-03-31-0840.46.pdiff [968B]
Get:149 unstable/main 2009-03-31-0840.46.pdiff [968B]
Get:150 unstable/main 2009-03-31-0840.46.pdiff [968B]
Get:151 unstable/main 2009-03-31-1448.49.pdiff [8657B]
Get:152 unstable/main 2009-03-31-1448.49.pdiff [8657B]
Get:153 unstable/main 2009-03-31-1448.49.pdiff [8657B]
Fetched 295kB in 37s (7853B/s)
Reading package lists... Done

Hopefully all is well now.



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