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Anbox on Arch
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Author:  tscholl [ Fri May 08, 2020 8:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Anbox on Arch

Has anyone installed Anbox on LinHES? Anbox is an Android emulator that allow you to run a apk package on Linux.
The ultimate goal is to install Fenix Streams(2.2.3-MultiDNS),apk

I did find this:
It Enable snaps on Arch Linux, and then allows you to Install anbox,

But the
git clone
Returns a "command not found" so it looks like I would need to install git as well. Not sure what this might do to my LinHES installation.

I have tried Fenix Streams using the browser, but the the browser interface leaves a lot to be desired. I've also tried the Windows app and that works so much better than the browser interface. So am thinking the android app might be a better way to go on Linux

Does anyone done this?


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