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Building a Linhes HTPC
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Author:  JensenInterceptor [ Thu Oct 08, 2020 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  Building a Linhes HTPC

I'm considering installing a SSD for the OS etc.
And a HDD for the recordings.
So how much space would these need to be?
Many thanks

Author:  welner [ Sat Oct 10, 2020 10:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Building a Linhes HTPC

welcome to LinHES. i hope you find it meets your needs. I have been running LinHes for quite a number of years, and have gone through several hardware configurations.

I have been using a 64 gig ssd for the boot drive for some years. at the time 64gig was the largest reasonably priced ssd one could purchase, so that's why i chose that size. that size really is a bit tight, and i am currently in the process of upgrading to a 240 gig ssd.

given that, LinHes (and MythtTV, by extension), will create partitions for you during the installation and set up "storage groups". the installer is a bit out of date in that the default sizes for the some of the partitions will be too small. It is important to allocate more to the root filesystem. I also like to bump up the sizes of the other partitions. there are several discussions in threads about properly sizing the partitions in here.

As part of the partition process, the installer will want to use any remaining space for recordings and create a "disk0" for the first device in the Storage Group. TV recordings could go here, and the backup script uses disk0 for the storage location of backups. if additional disks are added to the storage group (disk1, disk2, etc) copies of the backup will automatically be copied over to the additional disks in the storage group.

The amount of space needed for recordings will depend on how much you record and wish to save. a recently recorded program on my system of a 1080 1.5 hour broadcast was ~7gig. additional disks will be added to the storage group via the command.

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