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R5.5 AMD 3800X2 / Biostar TForce 550 SE / 2 GB RAM / Nvidia
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Author:  novellahub [ Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:29 am ]
Post subject:  R5.5 AMD 3800X2 / Biostar TForce 550 SE / 2 GB RAM / Nvidia

# Video type: [HDTV]
# Type of system: [combined front and back-end]
# Noise level: [I can barely hear it from 5 feet away]

# CASE: COOLER MASTER Centurion 534
# PSU: Antec Earthwatts EA 380
# MOTHERBOARD: Biostar TForce 550 SE
# CPU: AMD AM2 3800X2
# RAM: 2 GB A-DATA DDR2 800
# NORTHBRIDGE HEATSINK: Stock (Will be replacing with Zalman Fanless)
# CD/DVD-RW: Samsung 20X DVD-RW SATA
# HDD: 120 GB Western Digital SATA / 1 TB Western Digital GP
# GRAPHICS CARD: Gigabite 7200 GS Fanless
# SOUNDCARD: Onboard (Realtek ALC850)
# TUNER CARD: Four Kworld 115 (OTA HD)

Auto-install on 120 GB HD and worked flawlessly out of box. This setup is almost silent with only the on-board northbridge fan making noticeable noise. Did the following outside the scope of a standard auto-install:

1. I used gparted (apt-get install gparted) to format the second 1 TB hard drive to XFS. (sdb1)
2. Edited the fstab to make the second hard drive /myth and the original /myth2.
3. Rebooted machine (You can skip rebooting running mount -a)
4. Copied the standard files / directories from /myth2 to /myth directory. (cp -pr /myth2/* /myth).
5. Used gparted again for format /myth2 as XFS (This was /sda3 on my system)
6. Created a simple tv directory on /myth2 and set the permissions of the tv directory as 775 and changed owner to mythtv:mythtv (cmod 775 tv / chown mythtv:mythtv tv).
7. Went into the mythtv-setup (Alt-2 / Alt-S) and set up the directory for /myth2/tv in the storage groups.
8. Started up the backend / frontend(Alt-3 / Alt-M) and everything works!

The final step I did was migrate my recordings / recording database to the new R5.5 machine. The steps I used can be viewed here: ... 522#113522

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