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 Post subject: Asus A8U-X with R5D1
PostPosted: Tue Oct 03, 2006 4:18 am 
Joined: Mon Sep 18, 2006 3:39 am
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Location: Swindon, UK
# Video type: SDTV
# Type of system: combined front and back-end
# Noise level: Can barely hear it from 6 foot away (with resistor on the silent tower and case fans modded)

# CASE: Lian-Li PC-6070
# PSU: Some mirrored 430Watt low noise thing (I'll have a look later)
# CPU: 2800+ Sempron 754 pin
# RAM: 512MB Corsair Platinum PC3200
# CPU HEATSINK: Thermaltake Silent Tower (with resistor modded fan)
# NORTHBRIDGE HEATSINK: Passive (as standard)
# CD/DVD-RW: Pioneer slot loading 16x DVD-ROM
# HDD: 40GB Maxtor (FDB) - To be replaced by 250GB Samsung unit
# SOUNDCARD: On-board
# TUNER CARD: Hercules SmartTV - Stereo
# REMOTE CONTROL: Hercules SmartTV Remote

Started this project on Friday 29th September 2006, I had a few spare parts lying around, MCE would most likely throw a fit if I plugged all these in and fired it up, so opted for KnoppMyth. Installation took about an hour (installing components and the OS), have remote working well (though still tweaking the buttons), TV Card is functioning and general performance is ok.

Sound Card Fix: The Ali M5455 is a bit of a pain, but simple to fix (when you know how) - simply modprobe snd_intel8x0 buggy_semaphore=1 and you should be fine (though you might have to remove the module if it has already been added with a modprobe -r snd_intel8x0 command).

Remaining issues:
TV-Out (I haven't set this up yet, but should be easy enough)
Noise: DVD is unwatchable with the noise levels from the drive, will have to find a suitable replacement. Fan noise from the 6600 is a little annoying and I am sure a few papst or silentx fans in the box will go a long way to removing some humming from the power supply, front fans, CPU and gfx.

Considering this box has cost me no money at all, very happy with the result :)



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