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Tatung TA-730 only made 1 change and works fine.
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Author:  bigbro [ Thu Mar 29, 2007 4:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Tatung TA-730 only made 1 change and works fine.

# Video type: SDTV
# Type of system: Slave combined front- and back-end

# Noise level:I keep thinking a tornado is coming
# CASE: Recycled Mini Tower
# PSU: 150 Watt included Mini PS very noisey
Edit: Had to change the case and PSU. PSU couldn't holdup running two tuners and the limited airflow of this case. Kept shutting down.

#Noise Level: somewhere between I can hear it and Jet taking off. A little too loud still, Case has two 12V fans to draw air in and past CPU and back out. May slow these by using 7 volt trick.

#Case: Recycled No-Name Mid Tower with Clear side.
# PSU: 350W something.
# CPU: AMD Duron 1800
# RAM: 256 Meg Pc 133
# CPU HEATSINK: Standard AMD cooler for Athlon Xp3200+ has 60mm fan, slowed down with a Zalman Fan Mate
# CD Reader: Recycled HP
# HDD: 60 Gig Pata 66
# GRAPHICS CARD: Nvidia FX 5200
# SOUNDCARD: on Board Ac-97

I wouldn't recommend the case too small and way too noisey but what I had to put a mobo into. Fortunately it is a Slave BE/and intermittent FE

All installed fine under R5C7, only update I did to make it all work was update the IVTV drivers to 0.4.7 because of the samsung tuners on the PVR 500.

Will be moving it around shortly but kind of waiting to find a quieter standard case.

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