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R5E50 - MSI K8N Neo2 - A64-3500 - pcHDTV-3000x2, PVR-500 ...
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Author:  le0panthera [ Wed Aug 22, 2007 5:30 pm ]
Post subject:  R5E50 - MSI K8N Neo2 - A64-3500 - pcHDTV-3000x2, PVR-500 ...

R5E50 - MSI K8N Neo2 - A64-3500 - pcHDTV-3000x2, PVR-500 - Toshiba 57" HDTV

# Video type: HDTV and SDTV
# Type of system: combined front- and back-end
# Noise level: I can tell it's on until I play some media

# CASE: none
# PSU: Antec TruePower 480 Watt
# MOTHERBOARD: MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum - nForce3 Socket 939
# CPU: AMD A64-3500
# RAM: 2GB PC-3200 (2x1GB)
# CPU HEATSINK: Swifttech
# HDD: Samsung 7200rpm 80G
# SOUNDCARD: Onboard RealTek ALC850
# TUNER CARD: 2xPcHDTV-3000, 1xPVR-500
# REMOTE CONTROL: None (RF Keyboard)

KEYBOARD: X-Gene SpecResearch 01027 - USB - RF Wireless
MOUSE: Trackball built into Keyboard

DISPLAY: Toshiba 57" HDTV via DVI (1280x720)
This seems to have a lot of overscan, so I effectively only get 1144x644 or thereabouts visible after editing the MythTV interface settings.

HDTV Source: Over the Air
SDTV Source: Comcast Cable (Loudoun County, VA)

Main Issues:
1) C7 Respawning too fast
- this was resolved by Increasing the VMALLOC size (see ... ht=VMALLOC)
2) Black and White Stactic filled images from the PVR-500
- this was resolved by editing the fine tuning for each channel (changing 0 into 2000 seemed to do the trick nicely for me)

- Get a Media Center style case (a project for the winter) - the motherboard is currently sitting naked on a piece of board on the top of the media center rack.
- Upgrade to R5F1

- Leo

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