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Intel NUC Core i3-3217UDC3217BY
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Author:  bbutler [ Wed Jun 19, 2019 11:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Intel NUC Core i3-3217UDC3217BY

LinHES Tier 2 Hardware for LinHES 8.5.x

System Frontend
System: Intel Next Unit of Computing Kit with HDMI, Thunderbolt, Core i3-3217UDC3217BY
Storage: Crucial m4 128GB mSATA Internal Solid State Drive CT128M4SSD3
Memory: Corsair CMSX8GX3M2A1600C9 Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz (PC3 12800) Laptop Memory 1.5V
WiFi: Intel Network 6235AN.HMWWB Centrino WiFi Card Half Mini PCI Express Advanced-N 6235 Dual Band Bluetooth
Power Cord: Cables Unlimted 6-feet Mickey Mouse Power Cord
Tuners: 2 each HDHomeRun Dual Tuners
TV: Over the Air Broadcast

Installed from DVD using a USB Optical Drive

Hard difficulty setting up WiFi. I set the IP address as a static IP on my network and created a reservation on my router. I used WPA with a passphrase. The install went okay. I was able to configure the wireless adapter during the install, but after the system rebooted, the system wouldn’t obtain an IP address and / or DNS. I opened a terminal after the system booted and kept trying to connect to the backend.
I checked the driver was loaded into the kernel by typing: lspci -k
I checked the status to verify my wlan0 was up and running, by typing ip link set wlan0 up
I verified the firware was loaded by typing: dmesg | grep firmware
Verify the name of the device by typing: iw dev. Mine was wlan0.
Check the link status by typing: iw dev wlan0 link
All of the above was okay, so I scanned for access points by typing: iw dev wlan0 scan | less
It displayed that wlan0 was connected to my access point, but I told it to connect anyway by typing: iw dev wlan0 connect "your_essid"

For some reason I still didn’t have any DNS and couldn’t find any IP addresses on my network. Since I set a reservation on my router, I thought I’d request an IP address from the router. This may reply with DNS and gateway IP addresses, even though I entered this correctly during the install. So I typed: dhcpcd -r “your_IP_address”

This solved the issue. I immediately had internet access and the frontend found the master backend.

This site was very helpful: ... figuration

Thanks so much for everyone’s hard work on creating such a great product. It is so fun to use. I've been using KnoppMyth and LinHES since 2003.

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