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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 9:03 am 
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LinHES looks like a very nice solution for a distro that automatically finds and configures your hardware, and minimizes the amount of setup required. "Works like an appliance" is a great goal. It is definitely the easiest to install and set up of the MythTV variants I tried. And the other ones (MythBuntu, etc.) are no longer being updated. (I am only counting "complete" solutions, not DIY pick-your-distro and add MythTV to it.)

Unfortunately, the system I have built has fairly new hardware, and LinHES doesn't support everything. The main problems:

- No firmware for my wifi chip
- No support for my integrated graphics (have to always force VESA for it to install and run)
- No UEFI boot/Installer doesn't see my SSD and allow installation to it

Since LinHES uses its own repo, and it's not recommended to add other Arch repos, that pretty much means I can't take advantage of my hardware.

This is not a slight against LinHES. I'm sure it works perfectly fine for many people, installing it on "non-cutting-edge" hardware. Constraining LinHES to it's own repo is probably necessary, for the audience LinHES is intended for, and to prevent a limited staff from being deluged with support issues from people using the latest development kernel, or third-party packages, or whatever. I get it. Developers have a life, full-time jobs, families, etc. So do I.

So I've moved on to Xubuntu 19.04 (core) + MythTV. Or I should say, moved "back to." I tried LinHES first, then Xubuntu, then LinHES again, and finally back to Xubuntu, learning more each time.

Took a whole lot more manual configuration than LinHES did, but I got it basically working last night. Can view program guide and watch live TV. Still have to configure things like storage groups (just set up a single default to get it working,) booting straight into front end, power management (suspend not full shutdown,) etc.

Even on Xubuntu, I had a few problems setting up MythTV. The main one being, mythtv-setup requires gksu, which is deprecated and removed from repos. I had to modify a script to use pkexec instead.

My hardware:

Motherboard - ASRock B360M-ITX/ac (using on-board HDMI-out to my TV for video and sound)
CPU - Intel Core i3-8300T
Graphics - Integrated on CPU, Intel UHD Graphics 630 (decode on the GPU! Woo!)
RAM - 8GB DDR4 (single stick with another slot free)
SSD - XPG SX8200 PCIe NVMe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 240GB
DVB - Hauppauge WinTV-quadHD
Misc - Blu-Ray drive, laptop hard drive(s) for recordings, database, and other stuff I don't want on the SSD

I'm sure my hardware is "overkill" for just recording and watching TV, but I wanted to have the flexibility of running other software that may require more resources. Games, for instance. Who knows. Just don't want the machine to be obsolete in two years. :)

I wish the LinHES team the best of luck. If the dev team ever needs help testing a new release (for hardware similar to mine) feel free to contact me.

Not using LinHES because 8.6 didn't support my hardware, but still very interested in future developments, so lurking once in a while. :)


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