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PostPosted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:04 pm 
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A few of you guys may have read my older thread thanking the KM community and the devs for such a great product that served as a LINUX teaching tool for me that ultimately gave me enough base knowledge to install and use Debian/Lenny as my primary desktop. In the spirit of open communication, I'm pleased to share that my new primary desktop is now Ubuntu 8.10. Why? Lenny is great, but my major knock on Debian for desktops, is that software in the repos is currently frozen until the Lenny release. This means no or slow updates to things I need and want to run!

Examples: compiz-fusion, gnome, vlc, gimp, openoffice3, avidemux+, handbrake. Plus, Lenny exhibited serious user switching problems on my machine with compiz-fusion enabled that I couldn't fix (screen would go white when switching users and some times restart gdm in the process).

Anyway, Ubuntu is a flavor of LINUX that is based on Debian, but is much more up-to-date and as such, its repos are as well. BTW, here is a great article that describes some differences and similarities of the two distros. I still have a Debian partition on my drive, but I haven't booted into it in weeks. Ubuntu is a great desktop for me and after a few little glitches got worked out, I'm pretty happy with it.

Gotcha items for me:

Problem1: Out-of-the-box Ubuntu Kernel ( was mis-configured for my X3360 and CPU frequency scaling was broken (stuck at full throttle at all times). Link to this bug on and link to a related bug, but on launchpad dot net.
Solution1: Compiled my own kernel (see a GREAT guide for this under Debian/Ubuntu here).

Problem2: Gnome manager has an error that causes 20 second log-ins.
(Link to this bug on
Solution2: Disable gnome manager and use compiz-fusion as my wm (something I do anyway).


Retired KM user (R4 - R6.04); friend to LH users.


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